OUR Vision

We aim to increase the knowledge and skills of our staff and students through educational opportunities to improve quality of life.  We aim to attract students and staff who bring diverse talents, ideas, aspirations and cultures to our learning establishment.

We believe a well-educated and informed workforce will be able to adapt and better respond to the future challenges of the economy today.

Mission Statement

Oz Skills Careers College is committed to providing quality educational opportunities to develop and enable participants to realise their potential by strengthening their knowledge, skills, and professional competencies. We provide continuing education by expanding opportunities for personal growth and fostering the development and dissemination of public policies and social change activities.

We realise the rapid changes of the world economy as it is today presents all training organisations and companies with new and additional challenges in completing their various missions. We are committed to providing the support, training, and development at times to keep abreast of these changes. Our core value is committed to facilitating educational opportunities to participants to acquire or enhance the skills necessary to progress and develop within and beyond their potentials.